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Welcome to StillCenter

Covid19 Update: we are taking a break from the regular Zoom sittings on Wednesdays -- we are taking feedback as to what sessions you would most like.

When we recommence we will probably be meeting online in Zoom on Tuesday evenings. All Welcome regardless of experience: beginners through to seasoned Zen practitioners. We’re in the Soto Zen tradition with links to both Korean and Vietnamese Zen too. Members also welcome who practice Centering Prayer. These are silent meditation sessions (rather than spoken word guided ones), and will have some instruction and guidance at the start of each session for those who are new to meditating.

We are both a Zen center (PZC) and a center that teaches and practices Centering Prayer which is based on Zen practices (StillCenter). We are a meditation center for beginners and seasoned practitioners alike, as well as being a training center for those wishing to take their practice deeper (to ordination for instance as a monk/nun or priest).

PZC/StillCenter is a mutli-lineage community: PZC's Abbot is an ordained priest in both the Korean (Seung Sahn) and Vietnamese (Thich Thien-An) Zen traditions, as well as over 40 years practice in the Japanese Soto tradition (White Plum Asanga). He has also received Inga (Dharma Transmission) as a master teacher. Sensei Tim is also an ordained Christian Priest in a lineage that is in full communion with the Episcopal Church
































Our "Zendo" inside
Rose City Church




We're delighted to announce that StillCenter
has a new home at Rose City Church
1801 E Del Mar Blvd, Pasadena, 91106
(NE corner of Del Mar and Allen)

NOTE: we are NOT meeting at
the church until further notice



















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